Already in fourth grade I thought that I knew what I would want to become: “Teacher!”. And so my life was somehow structured quite well. School- Abitur-Studium- Legal clerkship- Beaming… …and then? Just like everyone around me, marriage, house, children. But somehow my path snaked more, the straightness no longer suited me and I began to doubt whether what was exemplified for me, what I had was really my way? Maybe you are wondering who is behind this yoga growth? This is me, Hanna, a former civil servant teacher who quit her job and is now pursuing my own calling: teaching and coaching yoga with heart, at eye level, solution-focused and strengthening (systematically and resource-oriented in technical jargon). I have never looked for this path, this life, but I have found it every day anew that I never wanted anything else! I don’t regret a day and wonder how you doing My idea for today is not to look into the past or left and right to see how others around you might be doing. Find your way, your idea, your personal goal! Give space to your doubts and follow them curiously and openly.

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