Before I left, I was asked what I do in India. Living Yoga;) And in Kerala I experience Ayurveda – one of the oldest healing methods in the world. Here are some basics. Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. It is about finding the balance of the whole personality – body, mind and soul. For this, one deals with the Tridosha theory, three biological energy states that we carry within us, rarely balanced. Ayurvedic philosophy divides people into three basic types: Vatha, Pitha and Kapha (spelling is often different) .Vatha stands for air and cold, light physique, little weight, because good digestion. Approved characteristics: communicative, changeable, sometimes restless. Pitha is used to describe people with a medium build, it stands for fire and warmth. Dynamics, emotionality, impulsiveness and slight aggression are assigned to these people. Kapha stands for water and earth, for coolness. Heavy physique, you put on weight easily, changes only slowly. Stability, reliability and sometimes too little flexibility are assigned. The doshas come in different combinations in addition to the three basic types. An Ayurveda cure is about reconciling the three doshas with special massages, essential oils and herbs, but also with appropriate food. You can achieve more harmony, health and balance. In the cute little huts in the picture I get massages that change every day – an incredible pleasure for a person like me who loves touch of all kinds. And another practical example for the cold winter for me: Since I have a high percentage of Vatha and winter is a Vatha state (namely cold), I freeze more easily and than others. So it helps me, among other things, more pitha foods, e.g. To take teas and spices like ginger. There are numerous methods of determination. What do you think, which Dosha combination is in you right now?

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