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Hanna Schumacher

I was born in the magical north of Germany (Bremen). After my sports studies and the legal traineeship as a sports teacher, I did part-time training as a systemic consultant in Oldenburg at the university (C3L) and a ZRM® trainer training in Zurich / Stuttgart. Yoga that relaxed my mind was new territory for me, which I was always active on the road. In yoga I found the balance to my active and exciting everyday life by relaxing and finding peace. Yoga also offers me the opportunity to challenge the body differently than I was used to, whether in the water while swimming, on a racing bike, while jogging or hiking, on a snowboard or in the gym.

My own yoga practice quickly became part of me. In addition to Hatha yoga training, I also looked more and more in the field of fascia and, among other things, did the fascia yoga training according to Liebscher & Bracht (Fayo) in Bad Homburg. And of course I was drawn to India, the country of origin of yoga, where I did a Yin Yoga training. Yoga connects me, always shows me new things and offers me relaxation time. With yoga I can also prepare specifically for upcoming appointments or come through troubled times.

Before that, I kept my distance from the world of yoga for a long time because my own prejudices put me off. And that is precisely why it is important to me to pass on what I have come to know and love. In my lessons it is often possible to keep your eyes closed so that you can learn to concentrate on yourself and relax. In addition, my courses are not about competition, who gets better, faster and further, but about your own growth, but also about accepting your own limits and sometimes overcoming them.

The combination with coaching and yoga offers incredible opportunities for individual coaching and seminars. I have already received and received positive feedback from companies. Since I love variety, I also like to work in companies, whether big or small, motivate, support and lure with my own growth. Since I love to travel, retreats that combine yoga and coaching are the logical consequence in my repertoire. In the meantime there are already spoken meditations, yoga and relaxation units and yoga videos to buy (www.hanna-schumacher.de) to make everyday practice easier.