Lisbon II- About life, dare and wonderful experiences!

Today I remembered the story of the old sailor and the young professor, who are both on a sea voyage. Do you know them? She already fits into many of my life stages and also as a teacher I would have loved to give her to many more students and colleagues. From time to time she probably describes my life in sections. Let yourself be inspired, maybe she will also have an effect on you 😉

The story of the young professor and the old sailor

On this sea voyage, on this ship there is a young, smart and very studied professor and an old sailor. Every evening this old sailor walks into the cabin of the young professor to be impressed by the things the professor learned during his studies. Every time the evening leaves, the young professor asks, “Old man, have you studied geology? The next evening he is interested by asking, “Old man, did you study oceanography?”, and the evening after, “Old man, did you study meterology?

Each time, the old sailor answers, “No, I haven’t. What is this, I’ve never heard of it!”. And the young, smart and studied professor is surprised. “You haven’t studied all the sciences you live with on the ship? Then you have wasted a quarter, half, no, even three quarters of your life!”, he exclaims in horror. As you can imagine, the old sailor goes home after each of these evenings more dejected and sadder than the night before. It must be so, such a clever professor, he must know!

The view changes, so that a completely different perspective may arise

The next evening, the old sailor exceptionally asks the young professor, “Professor, did you study swimming? “Swimminology? No,” the professor replies in surprise, “I have never heard of that! What is that?” And the old man explains, “Well, I asked if you can swim?”. “No, I don’t know how to swim!” the professor honestly explains. “Then you have wasted your whole life,” exclaims the professor. “The boat has just hit a rock and will sink. All those who can swim will save themselves to the nearest coast. I’m sorry, Professor, but you have really lost your life!”

Is our knowledge the only thing that helps?

Small note at the end of the story. In my own ending, the old sailor of course helps the professor to the coast, logically. When I look back on my time here in Portugal, I have learned so many new things about myself. That I do not travel to arrive in any country. That many destinations can vanish into thin air within seconds on the outside, and suddenly they don’t matter on the inside anymore. And that it is never too late to try something new! That is exactly what it is all about.

Live and dare for all those wonderful experiences

LIVE and DARE something! Otherwise all your knowledge is useless. Stop, swim against the current or at least make all the WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES that life has in store for you! Just grow! Tomorrow my journey goes on, I change my place and look forward to you! Namasté, dear ones and see you soon!

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