Lisbon: Let lightness and gratitude into life

Actually, I’d like to tell you that I’m writing this blog from Bali, but maybe some of you have already noticed what the rules are. Instead of being able to redeem my voucher flight ticket from May as a birthday present in September, Bali will not be possible for me as a tourist before the end of the year. When I found out about this, I honestly had to swallow first and use more meditation or a technique I will tell you about later on that day. 

What do I miss about Bali? The nature there, which I was so attracted to. The unbelievable strong green! When you look into this jungle landscape and can hardly believe it. The huge and beautiful coconut trees sprouting out of the ground there and of course drinking all the delicious coconuts when you get them fresh and it gives you a kick for the rest of the day. Maybe even the nature right in front of you and around you, if you are lucky and got a place to stay right there. The many small cafés and restaurants, if you feel like it. Where you can sit, indoors or outdoors and relax and work when you feel like it. The conversations, inspiring conversations, sometimes meeting other traveling people, exchanging ideas. And of course the so different food, typically Balinese or all the vegan and vegetarian delicacies. And the super tasty fruit, which logically enough is rarely bought in Germany: Mangos, papayas, pineapple, mhh …

Of course, yoga in the sun on my mat, but also in one of the really great instructed different yoga classes. 

The energy that reigns there, that just felt very good for me. The humorous and usually very hospitable inhabitants, who radiate so much peace and relaxation in who they are and what they have. That feeling when you sit smiling on your moped and the wind rushes past you when you drive off. The songs from the temples, the lightness and the dear people I met there. 

And now you ask yourself, what does the universe have in store for me? 

Well, I’m going to take you to Lisbon for a little while. At the place where I am now and have spontaneously booked a new Airbnb – accommodation. Lisbon, with so much life. Variety is the order of the day here. Beside the work, which I do here a lot on the Pc or also behind the camera, I walk incredibly gladly through this really beautiful city, with all the many buildings and objects of interest, the water before the door, the many possibilities. All the street cafés that await you everywhere and that offer such a great variety! And the incredibly delicious Pastel de Nata. 

And maybe I’ll not only take you to Lisbon, but right next to me, if I may. To the place of which these lines are written here. I’m sitting in the grass in a park on my big Ganesha scarf in my shorts and the sun is shining on my legs. The wind tickles my feet as I write, leaning against a tree so that we can alternate between sun and shade, depending on what you need at the moment. When I look up, I see blue. A cloudless, bright blue sky and around me the busy noise of the city can be heard. Snippets of conversation are carried over, music, sometimes bell sounds, engines of buses and the pretty yellow trains. And I sit here while the temperature is just perfect. Not too warm, not too cold and just has to smile outside and inside. So much warmth, so much freedom and lightness. Life is a small miracle! What an atmosphere, what a mood!

So what the universe probably wants to show me most of all is to feel the deep feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for one’s own life. For the life for which you are responsible. Because where you look, your life goes! The thoughts you think determine you, your day and your everyday life. And after a day of non-Bali mumbling, yoga and meditation I can perceive this again with full intensity. It does not matter if my plans are destroyed and I do not know where and how I will be.

More than that, I have brought this feeling of gratitude back into my life more actively since the moment I learned that I will not fly until next year and I would like to share this with you too, because maybe it is something that can help you to integrate this feeling into your life much more often.

What I am writing about here is the possibility to have a slightly different view on your life, to bring more joy of life, more energy, more enthusiasm into your life. A better achievement of your personal goals, more optimism and all this with a very simple technique and without any further seminars or coaching. The whole by many studies occupied is called gratitude ritual and costs you approx. 5 min on the day. I have simply added it to my morning routine. There are many versions of it. A gratitude diary, – journal and however one calls it. 

The point is to write down at least three things or more for which one is just grateful. It is important to be as concrete as possible. For example stood with me this morning: 

1. gratitude that I just get the opportunity to build up my online business in a more targeted way with people helping me, combined with all the things I can offer growth potential to the people around me. 

2. the tingling, warming and so lovingly connected feeling of gratitude after a spontaneous phone call with my mom the day before.

3. gratitude for the fun of shopping, cooking and enjoying the evening. 

And it’s not about the time you spend, but about the regularity of writing down and the feeling of being able to get it down here. And as with everything, be patient and do it especially on the days when you don’t feel like it 😉 If you feel like it, try it out and tell me if it works, what questions or difficulties arise or how you like it! And what else the universe has in store for me, you might find out in the next article… Have a nice week, dears!

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