Making plans? Since September on Fuerteventura

The first post from Fuerteventura! “Fuerte, why?” I’ve been asked that a lot. And you know when plans change quickly, so you have to ask yourself that first? And that’s why I asked myself my second question, “What do I want in the cold winter in Germany?” Now my answers for Fuerteventura came easily flowing: sun, nature and working by the sea seemed like an absolute dream for me! 

Not everything is feasible? 

I am no longer sure that I would sign that! Because of course it is not instantaneous, but never feasible? Surely you have to make sacrifices for it, but is it really impossible or just unimaginable? First, are you worth it to yourself with your current desire in your life to look closely? And second, what small step can you take today to make that desire more real?

Fuerteventura- a new love

The landscape here is desert-like, very dry, hilly and barren. That’s exactly what I like this contrast with the previous destination, quiery Lisbon, so now, as a water lover, I am much on the beautiful beaches, the unique sea. This water, as far as you can see, to the horizon, an indescribable blue wonder that you can not get enough of, soothing, intoxicating, so magical! And often these moments in nature almost take my breath away, when I feel the sand under my feet or can perceive in the back relaxation position to be deeply connected with nature in silence! Then to listen to the music of the waves while I start very mindfully the sun salutations and forget everything around me. When was the last time you were so connected to this desire that you could love the moment.

Awed arrival

The sound of the sea gently accompanying me through each asana. Feeling the power of the incredible mountains during a meditation…Yes, that’s when, dear ones, mountain meditation takes on a whole different depth for me. And my palm trees, which as you know I love so much? Full of awe and with a smile, I have to tell you that I now have them in my own garden! Incredible, isn’t it? What part regarding your wish gives you strength?

Barren on the outside- inventory on the inside

The barren desert and mountains on the outside prompted a look back, a travel résumé so far. About a year ago was my most intense letting go month, just before the move.

So many things were a thing of the past. All the material things.  A complete 2 bedroom apartment plus kitchen, bathroom and basement were sold and given away. The inventory, with bed, huge sofa, tables, cupboards, chairs, shelves, pictures, lamps, books and so much sports equipment, the camping utensils and of course a lot of yoga material. Instead, freedom and lightness have taken their place.

Feeling at home in every place- being at home in myself

In every place, from the tent to the stone house, I felt at home and had happy moments, a home in the moment. Detaching the focus from the need to own, to need something, was instructive for me and an absolute gain. How about you, what do you need? What are your possessions that you may need to let go of in order to find or fulfill your desire?

Review- What happens in this process of letting go of something? 

For me, it was letting go of a lot of things from my past. I had the craziest dreams on my journey, met wonderful people and at the same time missed others dearly. Had unique visits and at the same time spent more time than ever alone and in peace with myself. I’ve danced through every apartment, laughed and cried tears at times, despite all the magical freedom. I had so many moments of wonder! The physical distance helped me let go of my old way of life and all of a sudden the curtain opened. When was the last time the curtain lifted for you, so that you realized, there is one more wish I want to live?

Curtain up for coaching and yoga retreats

Behind it, a new, colorful picture of the future is just emerging, with many new ideas including regular coaching yoga retreats here. Bold, especially at this time? Maybe! For me, more of a “following what may have always been there”. Being allowed to help and heal with what has helped me a lot. To live profession and vocation with a lot of love! Do you dare to look behind the curtain to be able to define your desire more precisely?

Making the impossible possible step by step

Once this feeling is there, then the sentence, “This is not possible!”, is replaced by, “What steps can I take now to make it happen?”. One of the steps, the stepping out with it, you go just with me, in which you read this. How nice and thank you for your time! If you are curious to enjoy a week of yoga and coaching with me and to dedicate yourself intensively to your wishes and needs, please contact me! Of course I’m also happy if you tell others about it, who have unfulfilled desires in them!

The biggest learning of this time? 

Mindfulness! To live the moment, because nothing in the past and in the future is more important than the now, the moment, your life!  

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