The outside mirror for trust in your own path “You can’t give up your official duties … You can’t give up your teaching profession, with all the security, without dismissal and with the high pension … You can’t be without your students, who you like so much … You can’t go into self-employment, because you can write off family and free time directly … You can’t believe that you will earn your money with yoga and counseling … ”

I listened to all this before I changed my job. These sentences were very important to me because I asked them myself. And I thank everyone in my life who made my fears so clear at the time.

After I did everything against expectations and it works, I thought nothing could happen to me! Not even close! It goes on and on, the mirror remains outside. “You can’t just leave while you’re self-employed … You can’t travel that long, then you lose everything you’ve built up …” I can! I realize this when I realize that I am doing yoga in Bali. And it’s not that it was all peace-joy pancakes. What you think yourself is often mirrored on the outside. Your own beliefs are brought to mind by people outside. As part of your own fears. And I had doubts about all of this. I’ve asked myself so many times if that will work? But something in me didn’t let go, it was a feeling that I have to do that now. Confidence that this is my way. The intuition that I want to open myself up to this, my path. When was the last time you got your own beliefs reflected by dear people around you? What is your way of dealing with it?

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