This tingling feeling of anticipation … Do you know this feeling? That feeling when something comes, maybe something big new? The birth of your child, a trip, a change of job, a special day like a wedding, a birthday party … whatever it is and you feel this joy? The excitement, the tingling, the vibrating that flows through your whole body? This special pulsation that makes you smile and reappears the days before. Tingling in the stomach and a lightness that spreads through your body. Lust for life, strength, curiosity, maybe even irrepressible energy that gurgles in you … And maybe you already feel it on a smaller scale? If you are looking forward to something? Maybe the thought of an incredibly delicious meal makes you smile, the anticipation of the book you wanted to read on, or the music you love to listen to or sing. The anticipation for that one person you love hugging or spending time with. The anticipation of talking to the person who is so far away and who likes so much, the message that you know is coming soon. The anticipation for time that you have reserved just for yourself. The anticipation for a yoga class, for a walk in nature, for meditation, for a piece of clothing in which you feel so comfortable, for a fragrance for your friends. The anticipation for the next day. The anticipation for your life! Live this joy, this wonderful feeling! What are you looking forward to?

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