Who actually knows this do nothing and how to get there?

And when the vacation is there, many only realize afterwards that the time has been planned too much and that after all the experiences one really needs a vacation from the vacation. Simply to process all that has been seen or to recover from the physical exertion you have been exposed to. And if we have consciously decided to indulge in the gentle breeze of doing nothing? So what? When we have shoveled the opportunity free, it feels like it will take a little bit for many to really enjoy it. At least it is the case with me, my mind is still a little restless, maybe I can’t believe that the freedom of sweet idleness is there … And somehow a voice asks me in between “And what are we going to do now?!? What do we visit next, what tasks do we still have to do, should we not even take care of the next travel route, if there are still things to be arranged from home, we do not have to write the emails in response to the dear departure greetings and travel gifts we got? Perhaps it is also the voice that at the end of the day wants to have done something, raked something off, done something. The voice that only gives calm when something presentable has come out when doing it. Like a little bad conscience sitting there saying I won’t rest until you make a little to-do list. Do you know these feelings And that does not necessarily have to refer to the vacation, because I can ask you the question that arises here: “When was the last time you did nothing over a longer period of time?” A book or a cell phone is quickly in hand, the television is switched on, a meeting with friends is arranged, there are still a lot of things that come to my mind that are related to leisure but not doing nothing. Doing nothing is important to me. Only then do new plans come up, ideas come up and the best thoughts come knocking on. How is it for you, when was the last time you allowed yourself to do nothing?

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