Yoga opens up more adventurous and childlike curiosity. Experience. Joy. Laugh. Also about yourself. You can finally face your physical complaints, become more flexible or immerse yourself preventively in the movement. Yoga allows an open view for new perspectives. Allows gentleness and attachment. And I love teaching exactly that!
In yoga you can let go of all uncertainties and doubts for the moment. Combinations? Yes, you can find that in a few hours, but it also makes sense to look for the right thing from the yoga buffet in your life phases

My yoga classes are not about perfection, the perfect outfit or the most flexible presentation! With me you always learn mindfulness for yourself, self-care. Be in the moment, drop you.

Live - Yoga online

For private individuals, I offer different yoga courses online – from general yoga courses to special courses for fascia training, for athletes or yoga in English, etc.



YOGA ONLINE - the course schedule

Mo, 18-19 Uhr Yoga Flow meets Vinyasa

Mo, 19.15-2 0.15 Uhr Yoga meets Fitness Yoga für Aktive und Sportler

Di, 18.30-19.30 Uhr Yoga-Mix: aktives Hatha Yoga versus ruhiges Yin Yoga

Do, 9.30-10.30 Uhr Yoga in der Schwangerschaft

Do, 12.45-13.45 Uhr Jacobs Yogis 😉 (geschlossene Gruppe in engl. o. deutsch)

Coming soon: Yoga zur Rückbildung mit Kind (Anmeldungen per What’s App,Email), voraussichtlicher Zeitraum Mo-Mi 10-11Uhr

Overview of yoga courses

The mix of styles for everyone who is looking for variety: whether fascia yoga according to Liebscher & Bracht, hatha yoga, the use of the fascia role, yin yoga – moving, holding, stretching, every hour in a mix of activity to rest and relaxation for the soul.
Dirk Nowitzki, Bernhard Langer, the DFB team sports professionals from all sports swear by yoga. Agility training is the goal. Would you like to do bodywork with muscle building and body positions for more flexibility and flexibility as well as relaxation phases? The double power pack for body & amp; Spirit.Active course in which you can break a sweat. Not suitable for beginners.
Yoga helps against back pain and in stressful times? Yes, that’s right! And in this course you will learn the individual physical postures individually through calm and targeted instructions. Strengthening, stretching, but also a lot of relaxation help the mind and body to become more and more flexible. With loving handling in your own learning process, suitable for beginners.
With and without previous experience through instructions for meditation, to let the carousel of thoughts calm down in your head and then take this calmness and serenity into your everyday life. Possible while sitting (also on a chair) or lying down.
Strengthens and invigorates the fascia by calm, individual holding of yoga positions. Stretching and letting go for more mobility and flexibility, but also lots of rest and relaxation. For yoga beginners, also possible without previous experience and sportiness. Tip: For ambitious athletes very good as training support for the target sport.
Doing yoga with like-minded people in a nice circle (on a chair or mat), with lots of laughter, detailed descriptions and demonstrations to see what to do. For little to no previous experience in the field of yoga and without any pressure to perform, with the movements that your body can make. Here is explained in detail with a lot of calm. For more movement, flexibility, joie de vivre and relaxation of body and mind.
This 10-week workshop is about you! In order to learn your desire for change, to activate your resources, learn to recharge your batteries and this by combining yoga and coaching in a fixed small group (max.10TN). What does yoga offer? I deal with myself holistically, I never look at body and soul separately, which I also convey in this workshop. Sometimes life can start on the yoga mat, the connection is right. As in life, we learn to observe limits, to have the courage to take on challenges, but also to accept and love ourselves as harmoniously as we are. What does coaching offer? Start where you are. Maybe even break new ground, even if you don’t yet know where the journey will take you. Or to live more according to your true inner potential. Or see the world with different eyes, smile more, know yourself what is good for you and can also implement it. Let new, positive habits into your life. Taking responsibility for yourself, also for blind spots that stop you in your everyday life and instead do more self-care are goals.
Because of back pain, I came to yoga, there I got rid of it. In this course I will guide you, regardless of whether you are agile or not, to carry out yoga exercises specifically for a strong back and against back problems and also to rediscover relaxation for you.
The physical changes during pregnancy lead to special yoga movements that can help to counteract pain, prepare for childbirth and deal better with the hormonal changes. In this course you will learn for these individual movements, the important relaxation before birth and the connection with your child. Note: without yoga experience and possible from the 12th week.
Fascia yoga includes a sequence of movements with intensive stretching, control and strengthening of all unexpected parts of the body as well as intensive fascia roller massages for more flexibility and stability in everyday life. Research recommendation:

Would you like to try out yoga and break new ground? Finally overcoming yourself to more or new movement? Get back in with yoga experience? Just get in touch and sniff in an hour!