La dolce Vita – Bella Italia!

Hello, dears, I’m writing my blog article today from… Drum roll…Bella Italia!

I travelled to Rimini without any planning because fate has given me a lot of hints and I believe that something like this never happens without a reason. When I recognized these clues, because they were very obvious, a chain of these things took place and I was in the flow when I just let go. But that would fill a blog post of its own. 

So back, I try to follow these little signs as openly as possible. Following the motto “Go with the flow!” And it was the same in France. To the south of France I had planned Barcelona and after my online yoga class in the morning I was looking forward to booking the two-hour train. I had just turned on the Pc in the motorhome when I heard my name outside. 

A dear Belgian and yoga beginner, who was learning yoga three times a week at my campsite, approached me excitedly. He knew my plans for Spain and reported that the radio was already talking about another lockdown in Barcelona because of the many Cornona cases or even that it should be decided for the locals. Phew, what now? I needed the rest of the day to collect and decide what I wanted to do now. For me it was somehow clear, I had to change my plans. So it was again a little hint. And since I followed that, I got on the Flixbus in Marseille and drove through Bella Itlalia, with the destination Rimmini. There I wanted to visit a friend I had met on my last trip and who had invited me a long time ago. 

And already during this bus trip I felt how right this decision was. The bus drivers, who were about 60 years old, asked me already during the break if they could invite me pretty lady for an espresso and were surprised that I did not speak Italian.

And quite honestly, attention now I am getting into raptures, what I got, the insight, floods me a little. It is the beauty of Italy. And I would like to use today’s blog article to simply tell you my impressions, to enthuse a bit and maybe also to direct my attention to something that might be of importance…

What I was allowed to perceive here in Italy without prejudice or even the slightest bit negative, but on the contrary. That which I find so incredibly inspiring here. The Italians, their life, “La Dolce Vita”.

First of all I love the Italian language! It is so wonderfully melodic, passionate and I just love to sit somewhere, pack my work things aside and listen. It is a special kind of listening. I can remember that I have always loved this language. Part of my family is Italian, and even when loved ones used to fight, I used to think, “How wonderful does that sound! Oh, my God.)

And it’s the sound, the lightness, the laughter, the exuberance that I like when people meet and get together here. When they gesticulate wildly on the phone or while talking. It’s so exuberant, there’s not much thought about it, it’s intuitive and free, so unique and full of lightness. How seldom do you see these intuitive, exuberant people in Germany? I think that more often here. So many times they’re so often mindless and anxious to appear right. Only doing, saying, wearing the right thing. 

And what can I say, this is certainly only the view from the outside and I am aware that this is exactly my point of view. But let’s follow it further! Who really manages to wear white swimming shorts or golden glitter bikinis with so much pride, conviction and really beauty? And yes, one or the other would say it looks chubby and overdone. What if it’s not? What if that’s exactly what many other people are missing a little bit. Walking along the beach full of pride and self-confidence and not wondering if you’re too fat, should have taken another razor or should have bought the other bikini? I have experienced and perceived this self-confidence, this pride here quite often. And I was not repulsed by it, but deeply impressed, made me smile and laugh! 

Communication is something I find enriching in my life. I like and need to be for myself when travelling, to be able to withdraw and not talk. At the same time I am, as many know ;), also a very communicative person! I like to talk, to get to know new people, to listen and to learn a lot. And you can do that here! From the bus drivers, to the city gardener, to the woman in the mobile phone card shop, the young lady in the supermarket, many curious people doing yoga on the beach. No matter who, I was always approached in a friendly manner, mostly in Italian, until I apologized and said “Scusa, non parlo italiano!” Fortunately the people spoke English and we communicated as good as possible in a language mix, with a lot of laughter! Bellissimo!

And now let’s have dinner. Everywhere in the world heavily afflicted and emotionally occupied. but everyone has his own attitude about what is delicious and good and what you want to eat, how you want to eat. Here I experienced again that full of passion and pleasure is celebrated. Already in the morning you see the Italians sitting in a café and enjoying their little espresso. And pasta? This is actually an appetizer here! No wonder with this incredibly fresh explosion of taste! In my everyday life I have been doing without wheat and yeast for many years. Simply because it makes me feel fitter, more active and my bowels thank me for it in terms of digestion. It is rarely strenuous for me. Here I have regularly inserted conscious wheat days. Why? Because this pizza, this pasta, this Triamisu, this ice cream simply wanted to be eaten by me at that moment! And yes, I can confirm again, the food in Italy is incredible…and every extra gram on my ribs is just worth it! 

Italy? Final words? Loving life. Joy. Enjoyment. Living lightness. Being exuberant. Sparkling joy of life. In any case, a lot of all this incredible energy just blew into my face and heart and I’m sure that this was not the last time I was in Bella Italia on my journey through life! 

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