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5.9.23: Supervision in small group and live-online from 7-9 pm

My name is Hanna and I offer a unique combination of yoga and coaching! I can bring people into their own power and accompany them to find their authentic path in life!

It is at least as important to me that my counterpart finds their own personal path, because in uniqueness lies one’s own superpower. For me, it’s about having the courage to follow one’s own intuition, to go new ways and to come into one’s own power and strength and to trust it.

This happens best in nature, with lots of sun, surrounded by mountains and sea! Through my attitude to life “Go with the flow”, I have now “accidentally emigrated” to Fuerteventura and love to get people out of their familiar surroundings in order to then take on new perspectives at a distance and here on site, not only in coaching.

On my way I realised that only the yoga path is not enough for me! The combination with coaching achieves an absolute effect in its holistic nature! Through coaching, old thought patterns such as “not being good enough” or “not fitting into the system” are released, confidence is built up, ballast is freed, triggers are seen through and one dares to go new and unfamiliar ways.

Yoga offers incredible strength and stability and that is why I use the parts of relaxation, breathing, meditation and intuitive yoga as well as asanas from Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga or Flow Yoga.

Full of gratitude, I pass all of this on with laughter, lightness and joie de vivre, in order to bring many more people to their happiness in life and to trust their own, very individual path. Do you feel like it?

What you can do first: Follow me on Instagram or YouTube to get inspired! And if you are seriously interested in changing your life and being yourself in your job or everyday life, feel free to browse through my offers and get in touch with me! A first help to get to know me in my authenticity is to subscribe to my newsletter, which you can of course unsubscribe from at any time if you don’t like it.

What I offer


Coaching Training

Are you interested in a holistic coaching approach and ready to be trained individually in small groups?
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It's time for change and you are ready to get started in 1:1 online or on-site, to look at your issues and remove obstacles together with me?
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Would you like monthly method or topic input, new perspectives on a meta level, help with preparation and follow-up in combination with yoga elements?
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Yoga Classes

Your body is crying out for regular exercise, you're in the mood for a weekly good mood with movement, focus on yourself, without a lot of fuss?
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Current dates

Supervision in small group and live-online from 7-9 pm.

18.9.- 1.10.23:
Flowing in Love 2 weeks Fuerte with Coaching& Yoga elements in 1:1

Supervision in small group and live-online from 7-9 pm

Start of the 1-year coaching training for 2 weeks on Fuerteventura

Supervision in small group and live-online from 7-9 pm

Flowing in Love 2 weeks Fuerte with coaching& yoga elements in 1:1.

Supervision in small group and live-online from 7-9 pm

Flowing in Love 2 weeks Fuerte with coaching& yoga-elements in 1:1

Coaching packages& yoga classes& personal yoga classes

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