Here's what my participants say:

Coaching Training

The coaching training is very valuable for me professionally and privately. Hanna was a wonderful trainer with esprit, sensitivity, flexibility and always very good preparation. I can recommend the coaching training to anyone who is interested in personal development for themselves or professionally. Hanna teaches methods, content and conversation through self-experience, theoretical input, written documents and exchange. She is absolutely authentic, loving, mindful and professional. I especially liked the self-awareness and that Hanna made sure that you give various coaching sessions yourself during the training, which are prepared and followed up together. For me, it minimized the excitement of my own first coaching sessions because I felt so well prepared and accompanied. After the intensive training phase, further appointments follow, in which what has been learned is deepened and new methods are introduced. In addition, Hanna also supervises coaching sessions during these appointments, which one gives oneself present or online. Investing in this training was absolutely worth it.

Melanie Günes, coach, lecturer, educator

The systemic coaching training with Hanna is absolutely recommendable. The training includes both the theoretical basics of systemic mindful coaching and the practical training with coachees. In doing so, Hanna as coach and trainer understood how to respond empathically and flexibly to my needs and questions. I was first allowed to sit in on Hanna's coaching sessions (her coachees agreed to this) in order to understand the structure and flow of the lessons and to practically experience the individual application of different systemic techniques. Step by step, Hanna then prepared my own coaching sessions with me, accompanied them and subsequently reflected on me as a trainee coach as well as the content-related work with the coachees. This was always appreciative and always helpful. The training has brought me further in my own personal development. Because coaching is also about self-awareness and recognizing and dealing with one's own triggers. The training was really fun and a pleasure for me. Joy because it is an unbelievably good feeling to accompany people (coachees) and bring them back into their own power. Whether you want to work as a coach yourself afterwards or not: the training with Hanna definitely brings a better self-understanding and also helps to be able to read and understand your private and professional environment better.


The kind of coaching training simply provides clarity, relaxation, and also new space in the emotional memory of people. One's own developed beliefs are dissolved and perceived anew; one's own inner dealings with them more loving! Also Hanna's way of coaching training - to get "very fast" into the coaching work, provides a highest level of own reflection and perception; which is supported by Hanna's so wonderful absolutely competent and warm, human, loving and also cheerful way as a qualified, in the truest sense of the word, companion during the training. And also in these reflection talks, there was hearty and wonderful laughter! Even if I am not directly active as a coach, it helps me very, very much in my daily life and also especially in my yoga classes as well as the individual lessons that I give with you this very special way of coaching training to have made. Is coaching education beautiful, one could ask soberly? From me comes a clear, clear, heartfelt loving YES! The peace within oneself, so to speak, is priceless 🙂 And thus the coaching training with Hanna is meaningful, beneficial, something that has provided in me for exactly this peace and also self-acceptance! From the bottom of my heart thank you, Hanna!

Heme Mensen, Nurse, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, breath junkie
Profilbild Teilnehmerin Julia

Yoga Teacher Training with Coaching

When I came across Hanna's offer on Instagram to do a four-week yoga teacher:in training with her on Fuerteventura, I was in the process of finding out about in-service trainings in Bremen. My heart leapt and I knew immediately that this was the right thing for me. One personal conversation with Hanna later, I was completely convinced and so far consider it one of my best decisions. A yoga teacher:in training with Hanna means that you are introduced to the yoga path in an individual and didactically sound way. Hanna was a great support in all challenges, not only humanly but also professionally as a teacher and coach. The training has brought yoga firmly into my life and I have been able to gain a deeper understanding, as was my wish. Along the way, it turned out that I also enjoy teaching yoga. So it was quickly clear to me that I would continue when Hanna offered us a more advanced training (online and again on site). I am grateful and happy to have taken this path. Hanna is not only an enrichment for my life as a teacher and coach, but also as a person. And yoga anyway!

Julia, Detective
Teilnehmerin Karina

Online Coaching

I can absolutely recommend yoga with Hanna and coaching. I had such a great time with her and it still resonates so extremely. The chemistry was right from the start, which is not a given. She is such a positive cheerful person and always put a smile on my face. Thank you for this great experience. The coaching was a complete success for me.

Karina, Recruiting Partner
Teilnehmerin Svenja

Online Yoga

I have been in Hanna's yoga classes for athletes for several years and every class is a perfect mix of effort, challenge and lots of fun. Hanna responds individually to the needs and wishes of the participants and explains the individual asanas and movement sequences with a lot of expertise, enthusiasm and humor. With her warm, positive manner, she gives the participants confidence to try even more difficult exercises. I look forward to the next yoga class with Hanna every week.

Svenja, Aeronautical

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