Systemic mindfulness coaching training with yoga elements

Are you ready to do something just for you and to realise your strengths in your own business?
Become part of a completely new coaching approach that integrates mindfulness, the systemic approach and yoga elements.

This training is for you if you have the need for your own personal development and/or professional change and would like to bring yourself as well as other people into more connection, joy of life and ease.

  • Coaching means working in a goal- and solution-focused way with methods that contribute to empowerment and positive change.

  • Systemic means that there is eye level between coach and coachee and that the solution lies in the coachee, so that the coach accompanies the coachee in a resource-oriented way and keeps the whole system in mind when it comes to change.

  • Mindfulness means always being aware of oneself in the here and now, feeling oneself and anchoring oneself in the moment.

  • Yoga elements include relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing techniques and also physical movements that include intuitive yoga, hatha yoga and yin yoga.
  • You want to work in trust, at eye level and resource-oriented with
    clients in a trusting and resource-oriented way.
  • You know that your counterpart will find the solution and you do not orientate yourself towards rigid plans, but on the individual growth of your client.
  • You like to work with the whole
  • You are authentic and transparent, respectful and tolerant.
  • You are interested in solution-oriented thinking and not in poking around in the old past.
  • You have the courage to look at yourself and at the same time enjoy gaining a lot of practical experience.

  • You are interested in experiencing being in the here and now, feeling and accepting without judging, in dealing with yourself and with others.

  • You reject one-size-fits-all thinking for yourself and in coaching, instead you want to show yourself as you are and live your strengths.

  • Your wish is a premium training with max. 5 participants and live on Fuerte as well as live online, instead of doing an online video training with yourself only for you.

  • You are interested in a holistic approach to body and mind because you would miss something with “only yoga” or “only coaching”.
  • You want to learn how to support or enhance your coaching through certain elements of yoga.
  • You are open to experiencing meditation, breathing practice, relaxation techniques and physical yoga in many facets, as well as the mediation of these.
  • You either have little or no yoga experience or yoga means more to you than a stylish asana, but rather the path to connection with yourself as well as the dissolution of emotional obstacles up to traumas.


Training structure:

4 Modules

  • 1 Modul: 2 weeks in Fuerteventura
  • 2& 3 Modul: Live-Online 
  • 4 Modul: 2 weeks in Fuerteventura
Training construction:
Included in training:
Excluded from training (for training in Fuerteventura):

Take the first step on your new path