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Yoga opens you up to more adventurous and childlike curiosity. Experience. Joy. Laughter. Also about yourself. You may finally confront your physical ailments, become more flexible, or dive into movement as a preventative measure.

Yoga allows an open mind for new perspectives. Allows for gentleness and connection. And I love teaching just that!

In yoga, you are allowed to let go of all insecurities and doubts for the moment.

Combinations? Yes, in some classes you will find that, but it also makes sense to choose exactly the right one from the yoga buffet in your life phases.

My yoga classes are not about perfection, the perfect outfit or the most flexible presentation! With me you learn again and again mindfulness for yourself, self-care. Be in the moment, let yourself fall.

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YOGA ONLINE - the course schedule

Mon, 7.15 – 8.15pm: Yoga meets Fitness – Yoga for active people and athletes

Mon, 8.30pm – 9.30pm: Yin Yoga/Yoga for the fascia – Yoga for flexibility and relaxation

Wed., 7 – 8pm: Yoga with pelvic floor love – yoga with exercises for the pelvic floor

Thurs., 6.30 – 7.30pm: Yoga mix – active Hatha Yoga versus calm Yin Yoga

Yoga& Coaching- individual classes: Dates can be booked individually

For yoga during pregnancy& yoga during back formation please contact us (waiting list)!

yoga courses at a glance

The style mix for all who are looking for variety.Whether fascia yoga according to Liebscher& Bracht, Hatha Yoga, the use of the fascia roller,Yin Yoga – move, hold, stretch,each hour in the mix of activity to rest and relaxation for the soul.

Dirk Nowitzki, Bernhard Langer, the DFB team-professionals from all sports swear by yoga. Flexibility training is the goal. Do you feel like bodywork with muscle building and body postures for more flexibility and mobility as well as relaxation phases? The double power package for body & mind.Active course in which you can already break a sweat. Not suitable for yoga beginners.

Yoga helps against back pain and in stressful times? Yes, that’s right! And in this course you will learn the individual physical postures individually through calm and purposeful guidance. Strengthening, stretching, but also a lot of relaxation help mind and body to become more flexible little by little. With loving care in your own learning process. Suitable for beginners.

With and without previous experience through a guide for meditation to let the carousel of thoughts in the head become calmer and then take this peace and serenity into everyday life. Sitting (also on chair) or lying down possible.

Strengthens and revitalizes the fascia through calm, individual holding of yoga postures. Stretching and releasing for more mobility and flexibility, but also quite rest and relaxation. For yoga beginners, also possible without previous experience and athleticism. To the tip: For ambitious athletes very good as training support of the target sport.

Yoga in flow, but also static asanas in combination with pelvic floor exercises. Especially helpful for women who have had one child or more or are fit pregnant women.

If you would like to work specifically and individually with me alone, to determine your individual times, pursue certain goals (e.g. reduction of pain, after surgery, pregnancy/retrogression, as a yoga beginner) or because you love it 1:1, then you can book me now and we will talk about your wishes and create a plan for you!

Due to back pain, I came to yoga, there I got rid of it. In this class I will guide you, whether limber or not, to perform yoga exercises specifically for a strong back and against back pain, in addition to discovering relaxation for yourself in a whole new way.

The physical changes within pregnancy lead to special yoga movements that can help counteract pain, prepare for birth and better cope with hormonal changes. In this class you will learn for these individual movements, the so important relaxation before birth and the connection with your child. Note: without yoga experience and possible from the 12th week.

Want to try yoga and break new ground? Get back into it with yoga experience?