Supervision „Be kind to your mind“

The monthly supervision is for coaches and consultants, yoga teachers, and anyone interested.

Discussing the coaching/coaches
  • Take a different perspective on the meta level
  • Broaden your own perspective and open up to new ideas
  • Use pre and post coaching sessions
Method check and extension
  • Experience and reflect on methods after they have been applied
  • Learn new methods and practice them
  • Choose which method is efficient for your coachee
Deepening of topics
  • Topics and content impulses for further work as a coach
  • Large selection of topic pools that are unfamiliar to you or for in-depth study
  • Sequences of self-awareness to experience the method
  • Sequences to work on one’s own issues in such a way that they do not influence
  • Watching the coaching sequence is also very helpful
Yoga elements
  • Practice leading meditations, relaxation sequences, and breathing exercises
  • Valuable feedback on the guidance of the elements in a protected setting
  • Get to know the elements and enjoy them yourself

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