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Hanna Schumacher

I was born in Bremen, Germany. After my sports studies and my traineeship as a sports and German teacher, I did a part-time training as a systemic consultant in Oldenburg at the university (C3L) and a CRM® trainer training in Zurich/Stuttgart, which determined my life from then on. I tried yoga because I wanted to get rid of back pain and this connection to yoga was to change my life. I found that something like yoga, which relaxed my mind so much, was new territory for me. Yoga offers me the opportunity to feel my body and connect with myself so that I can live freely, happily and relaxed. With yoga I had found for myself the calm and relaxing balance to my active and exciting everyday life and it opened up the possibility to challenge the body in a different way than I was used to, whether swimming, cycling, hiking or snowboarding. Hatha, Fascia and Yin Yoga quickly became parts of my life and I learned and taught them on my extensive travels to India, Bali, Koh Phangan, etc.

Before that, I kept my distance from the world of yoga for a long time because I was put off by my own prejudices. And that is exactly why it is important for me to pass on what I have come to know and love. Breathing, closing your eyes, so that you learn again to focus on yourself and relax, to flow with yourself in the movements, to learn mindfulness. It's not about contorting, about competition, but about your own growth, about accepting and overcoming your limits and about more positivity and joy of life.

In combination with mindfulness coaching and systemic counselling, I dissolve so many (traumatic) blockages in my participants and clients, because my experience confirms again and again: once overcome and tried, coaching changes for the better. It leads to more security, abundance and freedom. In the meantime, this holistic approach, the combination of coaching and yoga works so well that I am also training more and more to become a Systemic Mindfulness Coach in combination with yoga. For me, it is about finding solutions together and not about poking around in old problems. One's own thought system, old behaviour patterns and unconscious beliefs are brought to light, analysed and lovingly said goodbye. In order to achieve major changes in old wounds and traumas, the intensive 1:1 confrontation outside the usual environment helps. During this time here on site, such an immense inner life change takes place as I have never before been able to accompany and observe in my seven years of individual coaching or seminars.

You can tell I love what I do and now live very authentically and freely after my emigration to Fuerteventura. I am said to have a lot of life-inspiring cheerfulness as well as the calmness and compassion of an inner Buddha. I love to laugh, to travel, to be in nature and to hike, to move in general, to write and to always discover and learn something new. As I appreciate variety, I also work from time to time in Germany and also online, with seminars in companies or institutions. Besides coaching yoga trainings and intensive 2-week trauma/healing work on site here, I also still give online individual coaching, online courses and yoga classes in German or English and am looking forward to meeting you if you are curious and feel like getting in touch with me!