"Flowing in Love" - 2 weeks in Fuerteventura

Health. Joie de vivre. Motivation. Come into your power! Change your life!

Many things that prevent us from living happily and many problems that we create, we can dissolve within ourselves! So live more self-determined, more creative and more powerful! Let yourself be motivated! Awaken your love of life anew!

Topics, e.g. Partnership/Relationships/Sexuality, Work-Life-Balance, Self-Love, Mindfulness, Distinction, Career Change, Health

"You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them!"

Albert Einstein

Individual approach, adapted to your issues! You are in focus and can resolve your things. No group, no need to adapt!


And the day came when the risk of remaining in bud became more painful than the risk of blooming.

Anaïs Nin

Online Coaching-Packages and Online-Coaching 1:1

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is your journey, with your own story, so you can unleash your growth potential.

How to proceed ?

Goal setting& Coaching with different methods on your own topics with individual tasks.

What happens ?

Experience how you get more in touch with yourself every day. How you forgive yourself for the old, let it go, look forward with joy and realize all your wishes step by step!

What kind of coaching do I use ?

As in my coaching trainings, I use all tools individually. In combination I coach systemically, use a lot from mindfulness coaching and combine it with elements of yoga like meditation, relaxation, breathing or sometimes movements.

You already know your way around? Here are methods/interventions I like to use:

E.g. Inner Team and Shares Work, Circular Questioning, Time-Line Work, Reflective Team, Systemic Questioning Techniques as well as questions about reality and possibility constructs, Vision Board, Mindfulness Coaching, Genogram, Imagery Work, ZRM, Constellation Board, Embodiment, Refraiming and Appreciation, Metaphorics, Rituals, Tasks between sessions, Working with Symbols& Rituals, Hypnosystemic Perception Work, Meditation and (Future) Visualization, Inner Child Work.

Wondering if your theme fits? I am sure here exemplary topics:

3.5 hours – 650€
7 hours – 1´300€
14 hours – 2´500€

Validity max. 1 year
Payment in installments possible

You want to get to know me and have questions? Contact me for a free 10-minute preliminary conversation with me!

Online Coaching via Zoom:

I’ve always had the preconception that you have to be face-to-face for coaching and I’ve found that’s bs! Why don’t you give it a try?

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