Coaching - individual coaching & couple counseling

Wachstum bedeutet für mich, sich auf Veränderungen im Leben einzulassen, damit umgehen zu können und stärker aus ihnen hervorzugehen. Vom inneren Wachstum zur äußeren Wirkung zeigt, dass der Umgang mit dem Inneren den Rest folgen lässt.

My (systemic) principles for coaching:
  • Work at eye level. I see myself as a companion, make offers and offer assistance, and don't suggest any solutions. A relaxed, safe atmosphere combined with humor help.
  • Holistic work. As with a mobile, a changing area of ​​life usually affects everyone else directly, and thus body and soul. It is important to perceive this and act on it.
  • Versatility and customization. Different personalities choose different methods. The diversity has to be used: work on the genogram, circular questions, inner team, constellations, imaging procedures, timeline, resource training.
  • Towards the goal of change. Coaching is a process, but it is still important to follow a common thread and point out possible changes to the left and right of it.
  • Resource orientation. The ability to act, the strengthening, the self-management training is particularly important to me in order to develop and grow myself.
  • Yoga is a way of life. Mindfulness, self-confidence, self-love, meditation and relaxation are areas that are incorporated.

Good to know:

  • Process: Registration by email, arrangement of an appointment
  • Time: A session lasts 60 minutes (longer possible by arrangement)
  • Location: online, via zoom or face-to-face when I am there
  • Costs: prepayment via PayPal, individual coaching 120 €, couple consultation 160 €

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